A Tale of Two Hearts – Children’s Lifeline / Ghana Mission

Two children having the basis for their relationship – severe heart conditions.  They happen to come to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Ghana.  Both were assessed by the Mission Team from Hearts and Minds – Children’s Hospital Boston and found to be perfect candidates of life saving cardio surgeries. They met in pre-op and became fast friends over crayons and paper. Tony went first and while recovering, Esther held his hand and offered him water when he was thirsty.  Esther had her turn out of 15 surgeries on this particular mission. Tony kept his promise and was at her bedside as she recovered.  They both have a life ahead that was unimaginable just a week ago.

The doctors overheard the two discussing their futures.  The smiles were broad across the medical teams’ faces as the children decided they were, “going to get married” when they grow up.  Luckily, a photo captured their sweet moment of departure as they walked out of the hospital corridor hand in hand.

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