Our Founding Chairman, Salah Hassanein, said: “The whole world is our field of action. There are no politics or boundaries when it comes to saving the life of a child.”

CLI’s dedicated specialists provide healthcare for children across the world from birth to adolescence. Disciplines include: pediatric cardiology, cranio-facial procedures, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, clinical problems as well as waterborne diseases and their causes. Depending on the infrastructure of a mission hospital, doctors can perform invasive and noninvasive procedures as well as comprehensive post-op and critical care.

A constant refrain from all of our healthcare workers: You only need to look into the grateful eyes of a child to know you have made a life-saving difference.

International Medical Missions

Upcoming Medical Missions In Need of Your Support

Dominican Republic: Pediatric Cardiac Mission

Dr. Robert Ross and his team from Children’s Hospital of Michigan will be returning to the DR. The goal after…

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Dominican Republic: Pediatric Cardiac Mission