September – Ecuador: Children’s Lifeline / Fredrick Memorial & Holy Cross Hospitals

A team of neonatologists, neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists from Johns Hopkins University, Frederick Memorial Hospital and Holy Cross Hospital participated in the 2012 neonatology mission to Ecuador.  Led by Dr. Fabio Olarte, the physicians visited two hospitals ” Hospital Obstetrico Enrique Sotomayor” and “Hospital de Ninos Roberto Gilbert” in Guayaquil. During the visit the team took part in the neonatology day of the Third International  Symposium: “Updates in Perinatal Medicine” presenting lectures on the care of the premature infant of less than 32 weeks gestation, control of ventilation, treatment of respiratory distress, use of total body cooling for treatment of perinatal asphyxia and infant development.  Through the week the team gave workshops in the use of different modalities for assisted ventilation, after neonatal resuscitation. The doctors also made rounds with the local neonatologists and participated in the care of the 92 neonates hospitalized in the six Neonatal Intensive Care Units of both hospitals. The mission nurses presented nursing care simulations in the care of Obstetric Emergencies, Neonatal Resuscitation, Infection Control and Care for Premature Infants. Over four hundred nurses attended the educational simulations. Commemorating the 10th annual mission, Dr. Olarte, his team and Lifeline were honored with a plaque ”representing the gratitude of the newborns that benefited with their efforts.”

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