November – Kyrgyzstan: Children’s Lifeline / Pacific Oceans Pediatrics

Dr. Robert Hamilton from Pacific Ocean Pediatrics recently returned from his first mission to Kyrgyzstan after a friend of his, Cornelia Hewitt, told him about two orphanages with children in dire need of medical attention.  The scope of the mission was to assess and provide good will. Kyrgyzstan, located on the western border of China, is a former Soviet country of 5 million people.  It is a poor country landlocked with beautiful mountains and a large plain.  Dr. Hamilton assembled a team of two doctors and three nurses for the mission. They visited the two orphanages, Belavodskya and Tokmok, where they examined and evaluated 400 children in a week. His staff delivered a gift to each child which brought many smiles.  The orphaned children had been dropped off by parents who could not care for them.  Most of the children have developmental problems; some are paraplegia or quadriplegia, and a large number of children have cerebral palsy.  Dr. Hamilton was moved by the plight of the children and the staff at the orphanages and is planning a return trip. Thank you Dr. Hamilton

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