June – Panama Mission: Children’s Lifeline / St. Luke’s Boise

Pediatric Cardiologist, Michael S. Womack, who has been a Lifeline Mission leader for many years writes that “…we are up to 324 catheterizations on these children in Panama, and over 60 catheterizations for the entire project. These were all mostly sponsored by Children’s Lifeline.”

There is a regional pediatric cardiology team initiative in play and it continues to grow. This team includes members from Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and soon Guatemala. Dr. Womack says, “This really multiplies the benefit of every case that we do across borders in the region and has created a lot more self- sufficiency in the region.” That, of course, is the overriding objective of Children’s Lifeline!

In 2012, Dr. Womack received the highest Panamanian decoration that anyone, other than a head of state, can receive. At that time he expressed that this award is an acknowledgment that Panama and the other host countries truly appreciate what Children’s Lifeline and they have done and are continuing to do. 

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