June – Honduras: Children’s Lifeline / AMIGA

“Despite torrential rains, this was a busy and eventful trip providing healthcare to 2000 patients in just 5 days… 65% of those were infants, children and newborns,” writes Dr. P. Tatachar who led this successful Mission to Honduras

For this mission, Children’s Lifeline partnered with AMIGA, and their Helping Babies Breathe Project. AMIGA is an educationally based, non-profit organization whose initiative was organized by a group of pediatricians in New York from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Their purpose: to address the extremely high infant, neonatal and maternal mortality rate worldwide—primarily in poor, rural, remote and mountainous areas where there is limited access to hospitals, no skilled providers and no access to any kind of  obstetric or/and neonatal care. Their goals are the same   Children’s Lifeline’s goals—to heal, teach and train.  

Workshops were conducted by Dr. Helen Kornblum, Sr. Raquel Ortez and Dr. Marco Tulio who have, over the past ten years, provided basic health care to thousands of impoverished people in Honduras. The workshops were enthusiastically attended by (among others) midwives from many different provinces, nursing students with their supervisors, AND a local gentleman who has been delivering babies for over 30 years!

Dr. Tatacher wrote, “Thanks to the generosity of Children’s Lifeline International, we were able to go forward with this project and raise sufficient funds and provide training kits and manuals, etc.”

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