December – India: Children’s Lifeline / Smiles International Foundation / Tri-City Medical Center

India - Child_small 2010

Children’s Lifeline continued its partnership with Dr. Jeffrey Moses of Smiles International in December of 2010 and went to the Andhra Pradash state of India and the small village of Mori Podu. At the Subamma Christian Hospital they consulted 21 patients and, of those, 16 received surgical treatment for severe facial deformities. A total of 32 craniofacial surgical procedures were performed for a total value of over $80,000 in U.S. dollars. An additional $25,000 value was also given to this impoverished area in the form of medical supplies and equipment along with education. While there, the doctors conducted over 20 hours of accredited surgical training to 11 of the hospital’s surgical specialists and staff in “Cleft and Craniofacialo Surgical Technique, Barrier Infection Control Techniques, Mission Surgical Team Management and Field Anesthesia Techniques”.

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