September – Ukraine: Children’s Lifeline / Smiles International Foundation / Tri-City Medical Center

Smiles Int'l 2009-0022 group needs crop

In September of 2010 Smiles International and Dr. Jeffrey Moses returned to the Ukraine and the town of Dnepropetrovsk for the mission’s 8th biannual trip. Over 24 under-privileged and orphaned children were consulted and surgical treatment was planned for 12 with a total of 28 procedures performed. Previously, in 2007 and 2008 Children’s Lifeline had donated equipment which used to help perform cranio-maxillofacial procedures which was put into use on the return of the doctors to Mechnikov Medical Center. Additional equipment was donated by Boston University for this mission by Dr. Pushkar Mehra for further reconstructive surgeries. The value of this mission in surgical procedures performed included anesthesia sessions and the value of donated equipment was approximately $95,000 in U.S. dollars.

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