Dominican Republic / CEDIMAT Hospital

Surgical Team Make-Up:

  • 1 pediatric surgeon
  • 2 pediatric anesthesiologist
  • 2 pediatric cardiologists
  • 3 pediatric ICU physicians
  • 1 pediatric ICU registered nurse
  • 1 Respiratory Therapist
  • 1 pump perfusionist

NEW FACILITY: The new building is beautiful, spacious and well equipped with all new equipment. The only disappointment is the lack of a bi-plane cath lab which is essential for the more complex cases being attempted.

Moving to more and more complex lesions remains a challenge given the limitations noted above and the added complexity presented by operating on children at older ages than we are used to with the cardiac and vascular compensations that occur. These factors make post-op management even more challenging (ie. diastolic dysfunction, polycythemia, collaterals etc.) Better pre-op evaluation will be required, such as sending the data out before the teams arrive for review, and enhanced post-operative management and personnel will be required.

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