Mission Schedule and Scope

medical mission tripsThe mission schedule for Children’s Lifeline varies depending upon the requests received from the medical teams’ leader or coordinator. A request, with dates, country of destination and a breakdown of financial needs is submitted to the Mission Coordinator at Children’s Lifeline. Upon approval, from Children’s Lifeline, the mission is set into the schedule with the appropriate budget. The goal is to send two medical mission trips every month. There are times when we are fortunate enough to be able to schedule and send more than two missions per month.

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Dominican Republic / CEDIMAT Hospital

Surgical Team Make-Up: 1 pediatric surgeon 2 pediatric anesthesiologist 2 pediatric cardiologists 3 pediatric ICU physicians 1 pediatric ICU registered nurse 1 Respiratory Therapist 1...

Dominican Republic

Dr. Robert Ross and his team from Children's Hospital of Michigan will be returning to the DR. The goal after 13 years continues to be the same: Perform critical surgeries for children who need it the most, and continue extensive training for the host CEDIMAT hospital team so they can continue to work year round and become more self-sufficient.